Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance North Carolina

What would you do if you became sick or injured and were unable to work? 

How would you pay the bills that continue to come even when the paycheck stops? 

Do you have a plan?


These are important questions to ask yourself.  Because, do you realize that your job is your most important asset?  If you are 25 and make about $50,000 a year and become unable to work, you could lose in excess of $2 million.  Most people insure their homes, cars, etc., but why wouldn’t you insure your greatest asset?


Disability insurance is an insurance policy that pays a disability benefit as a replacement of lost income.  This is usually a partial replacement that occurs when sickness or injury prevents an individual from working.  The benefit for the policy is for a pre-determined amount of time and a pre-determined sum of money.  Short-term policies are for a period of time usually from 3 to 24 months.  The Long-term plans will cover an individual until age 65, 70, or the rest of your life, depending on the policy.

  • Typically, premiums suspend while on claim but when the individual returns to work, the premiums restart.
  • Most plans have a waiting period after an illness before payments are made.  Make sure your plan is clear about the timing of the payments and any causes for delays.
  • Be aware that some plans offer payment only if the individual is disabled to the point that they cannot perform the duties of any job.  Other and better plans give compensation when the duties cannot be completed by the individual on their own job.
  • Make sure that you understand the dollar amount that is promised by the policy before signing on the dotted line.
Affordable Disability Insurance North Carolina

Plan ahead.  The time to get disability insurance is not when you are sick or injured.  You must plan for a catastrophic life event before it occurs.  Call us at Wehe Insurance.  We provide Disability Insurance in Greensboro, North Carolina.  We also provide Disability Insurance in Raleigh, North Carolina and the entire state.  We can help you plan and keep your family secure in the event that you are unable to work.